From the Gallery

About Us

The Active Artists Alliance is a collection of people utilizing all media to reflect and shape the construction of the world we inhabit. We are a web of communities creating novel and easily replicable and forms of exhibiting art, a group of folks possessing varying interests and experience teaching each other and entering into a process that definition constantly evades, the process of living, creating and accepting responsibility for our world and its continued creation. We invite others to do the same.

Starting in 2004, as a way for a few friends to keep in touch with one another, pool resources and begin showing their art, the Alliance has grown into a worldwide organization of loosely-connected artists and friends.

Since then, the Alliance participates in an annual roster of open-air art festivals and gallery shows. We are always exploring new avenues in which to exhibit our work and combine it with any component that would allow us to meet new people and bring others into the conversation of what our work should do.

We are a collective, as defined, of artists and individuals exploring the inroads of two seemingly irreconcilable terms, individual and community. Our work is usually solitary, but our goals often intersect. Although our ultimate visions may differ, we remain compatriots in expression, discussion and action.