David Grice

Jamestown, NY, USA
Member since March 17, 2005

april 2010: acrylic
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water color1

"water color1", 2009: watercolor wash, sold
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splatterpainting 2

"splatterpainting 2", 8/07: acrylic and coloj on board-, 4ft by 4ft
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movie poster

"movie poster", 2007-: pencil on paper
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painting at ebc-ellicottvillebrewing fred.

"painting at ebc-ellicottvillebrewing fred.", : acrylic on canvas, 4ftx4ft
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painting at EBC in fredonia /zoom in

"painting at EBC in fredonia /zoom in", : multi medium, 4ft by 4ft
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untitled-sold to my sister

"untitled-sold to my sister", 2003: acrylic on canvas
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yellow girl-sold

"yellow girl-sold", 2002: oils on canvas board
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painting @JCC

"painting @JCC", 03: acrylic on paper, print
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new painting2009 last one of the year., still workin on it

"new painting2009 last one of the year., still workin on it", 2009: Acrylic on board-, 4ftx4ft
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newland apartment

"newland apartment", : acrylic onpaper -
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pumpkin transgression part 7.1

"pumpkin transgression part 7.1", : oils on canvas
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I dont watch tv

"I dont watch tv", aug. 2001: everything-sold
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"LandoftheCublarngo", 4/8/06: ink, 3inchby4inch
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"lasthourofwork", : ink
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"cublarngo", 4/9/06: ink
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april 2006: graphite, 5inch by 9inch
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