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3 Sweet Days
September 1, 2007
This is a festival hosted on by a Fredonia-area band called On The Sly, who actually live at the 30 acre farm where the festival takes place. The music line up was incredible and diverse, featuring Smackdab, Besnyo, The Sleeping Kings of Iona, To the 9's, Sleeping Giant, Flood the Shoreline, and my personal new favorite: Mike Fyler and the Macro Meltdown. The AAAlliance tent for this weekend featured works by Nathan Long, David Grice, Angela Caley, and Bill Thomas. We were treated to one of the best sunsets in recent memory, and after the music on the stage had ended, at the AAAlliance tent the campfire songs rang out late into the night. It was a perfect ending to the festival season, and summer in general. This event definitely lived up [...]

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3 Sweet Days
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