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Chili Bowl Bash
December 23, 2011
On Christmas Eve-Eve 2011, Suburban Blend and the AAAlliance decided to celebrate the beginning of a brand new tradition known as The Chili Bowl Bash, which began last year as "The Chili Challenge". Basically, it's a skateboard contest, art opening, chili cook-off, and keg party in a huge skate ramp with a live band right after the contest ends (Green Genes again). Originally, we did the chili cook-off last year as a way to keep everyone at the party warm because the building was freezing. This year, we actually had some heaters, but we really love chili, and its a great cheap way to feed ALOT of people, so the tradition lives on! The guys from Southern Tier Brewing hooked us up with a great deal on frosty seasonal beverages, and tons of [...]

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Chili Bowl Bash
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