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Of Interest
Posted by Mike Klepfer on February 23, 2010, 10:31pm

Here's an interview with environmentalist blogger Will Potter from the latest issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and protest. Potter's site, greenisthenewred.com , chronicles the state repression of environmental activists, commonly referred to as "The Green Scare".


The article touches on the terrorism case of UB professor Steve Kurtz, among other ridiculous witch-hunts.

Out here, in the northwest, activist communities have been devastated and there is a lot of paranoia concerning grand juries, state repression and surveillance. People have been charged and convicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a Federal law, for speaking in support of or publicizing the actions of radical environmentalists.

These trends carry dangerous precedents for politically-conscious or dissident artists. What if your subject matter can be said to do the same? Are you a terrorist? I think there needs to be some cross-cultural attention and support on this one. If the Feds can arrest some people in California for using sidewalk chalk to protest experimentation on animals and call that terrorism, where does it stop?