she walks down a plain road..

sarah martin
she walks down a plain road
the moonlit sky 
shades her eyes
from a realistic world.

she kicks a few stones 
and mumbles some words
that later, later, she would write on paper.

her lungs want to breathe
but she stops them with her tounge.
they know the world too well.

a deep harsh voice whispers behind her,
"is it heaven or hell?"

she turns her head with all of her strength 
and stops dead in her tracks. 

feet to the sky, 
back to the ground, 
face up to the moon 
she'll never be found 
because she did it. 
with her last bit of strength she turned her head around.

 and the thousands of trees that hated her to bits woke up the next day and realized, she wasn't so bad after all.
 did she fall?
 no one saw.
 no one was there when she turned it around