Airport Security

Jenna Meyer
God only knows when this wi;; a;; end, I am not suffering, I am not dying. I am not termina;;y i;;.                    He;;, I’ve never even been to an airport before. 
My coffee is a;; too hot and a;; too bitter, Who made this shit? BARISTA….take this back please
                                                          No. NO. 

I refuse to pay another nineteen seventy-six for a grande-mondo-choco-latte-no-soy-low-fat-mach-eeee-mach-eeeee-frap-whip, I wi;; not!
I paid half of my college tuition, It didn’t go to college tho, I spent it on some designer shoes, Because lets be honest- Which wi;; get me farther from the home I have now? An education? Maybe, But these shoes wi;; help me run away now.
My generation is in the now. We are the now. We want it now. Now now now, Its like we never grew up but our “whhaaa’s” became “nows.” 

You. Yeah YOU, Stop starring at me, What lack or respect you have for your elders young man, Genghis Khan surely would have received better service, What? Why are you talking to me? What are you trying to say? You were in my sophomore English class? Oh…yeah, I’m sure I don’t remember you, My future goals involve forgetting my past- I’ve done rather we;;, eh? 

Back to these coffee shenanigans…I wi;; not return to this establishment if you continue to demand my nineteen seventy-six, Do you know how much and or what nineteen seventy-six could get me in this world? Something off an infomercial...or maybe just the first payment, I could get a cheap lay, but the penici;;in cost would put me in the red then…
[self reflective pause realizing defeat via out smarting myself]


Oh! this strife in my life, The strife of the fact I don’t have a wife, Wait, that doesn’t matter, I’m not a;;owed to have one, We;; what if I want one? What if I want one right now!? Don’t deny me and my generation!
I am never waking up again. Never. 

Stupid fucking god damned capitalist over priced fucking coffee….i’;; make my own

Given semi-colon is equivalent to “elle”