Not so lovey dovey love poem

Jenna Meyer
Iím sorry I am no good at this
Shakespeare isnít my middle name
Iíd like to glorify our love
And immortalize your fame

But sadly when I try to pen
Our prolonged and passionate presence
It is ever so passť
And I never seem 
To keep the theme
Of love, goodness, and longevity
I tend to start out pretty
Like a lilac in a bush
I turn around line 15
Into this animalist lust
Then towards the end,
When you think it should be over
I become enraged at love
And slay it over and over
Iíve quartered it while it slept
And smothered it screams with a Wal*Mart bag
Iíve made its favorite drink
With some extra perks like cyanide and arsenic
Iíve stabbed it so many times
Then raped every new hole
Iíve traumatized, cauterized, and baptized it
By the time that I am through

You see my love, 
Be glad I donít
Write these poems for you