Ways to Lose Weight

Becca Wild
Take the balloons, her father told her in the parking lot of the hospital.
	She wrapped her fingers around the strings to the balloons, little 
white strings like hair, a bit browned from where his fingers had been 
clenching them for so long, and to her surprise, she began to float away.
	Her father seemed unphased, and stood below her as she grew 
smaller, smiling. The shock of leaving the ground was more than she 
had expected, although she had imagined this for years, you never know 
what it means to take flight until the moment after, she realized.
	Only then do you realize that your solar plexus has felt like a 
watermelon all along, but you never knew it. When that watermelon 
drops, it bleeds all over, seeds, rind and everything, raw and ugly against 
the spot of parking lot from where you took off.
	The place in between your hips kind of feels like worms for a 
second, and everything thats ever happened below your belly button all of 
a sudden comes out like a confession in another language that you didnít 
know you spoke until now.
	The funny part is, she couldnít stop shaking. At first, she figured
it was just the shock of take-off; just a little turbulance. She held on tighter, 
tried to wrap her legs around the angel hair strings, humped and hugged 
them until the bucking rattled her shoulders. She didnít understand. She looked 
up at the balloons for an answer. GET WELL SOON, they told her.	
	Her father was a raisin and the hospital was an oatmeal cookie and 
she wanted to dip them in milk and eat them. She wanted to dip her finger 
in her town and lick it, get some of it stuck under her spitty fingernail.
	The tinny backsides of the grocery store balloons caught the sun and 
blinded her until she was forced to let go. And though she had tried within,
it wasnít until she left the atmosphere that she stopped shaking and 
everything stood still.