(Meanwhile, the parenthesis)

Kristen Orser
Meanwhile, the parenthesis 

respite, despite the fact.
The goings-on:  William sleeps with his head 
on my shoulder and this passing of time 
is the passage, is the very thing, that will push 
open the drapes 

so that there's an obvious 

disparity between our orange glow 
room and the rotting sun 
outside, with all its fractured light interrupting
our hush.

And to speak from this 

place is to hold a bone
in the mouth, something
seemingly empty, simply
because it is impervious.

Unlike the window

I am looking out, to see
if there are other sinuous things
knotted in the oak or packed

into an afternoon that's been tossed in the air.

Your hair is the very 
unyielding thing I'm talking about.