(The one who squared the circle)

Kristen Orser
The one who squared the circle tied a rope to the moon, tied the moon to the corset on the woman and the corset to the canker rotted tree.  So when she looked to the moon and howled, she howled and the pinkthroated morning glory swallowed its own seeds.  

Ophelia in the river * Bertha in the attic * Nora is called skylark or squirrel * And Emily is pictured in a white dress as a slight woman, which she never was.  

						So long silent.  

And when the madwoman in the attic spoke it sounded like screaming; it made the other women fold their hands and press their chins to their chests so the sound would not swallow them up, so they would not choke on the words they were holding back with their tongues.