Scientific Method

Becca Wild
New Explanation: The Loft is a black hole. Yields dark energy spiraling from middle, in a location underneath 
floorboards, or in forgotten chimney in center of house. 

Possibly house was once a doctor's office in pre-automobile 
town with no hospital. Possibly the sick, way back in 
those days would come here and die. (Whether this was
the Cause of the black hole or whether these deaths were
Caused By the black hole, we have not yet explored.) House 
as storage container for dead bodies.

Good Evidence for the black hole:
 1. hundereds of swarming vultures who are so good
at smelling death that they can smell death from the long
past as well. 

2. house is on a Dead End. If you do not get this glaring 
metaphor, then who are you, really?

This Explains: Addictions to canned beer, rolled cigarettes, 
coffee, and heroin. Aimlessness and feeling of apathy suddenly
awakened in all who walk through these doors. 
Confusion bordering on profound spiritual loneliness in each 
of us. 
Loft to psych ward/ county jail pipeline. Depleting property
manager on first floor. Blood as portents  on stairs & doorway
this morning.  One suicide, somehow, in the room 

Betsy & I, off like witches to the town hall records to find
the evidence we already know is there.