Stitched Temptations- Topic:Female Genital Mutilation

Kelsey Amell
Male circumcision-"harmless"
Only to females, there is no comparison....
Of the slightest.
"Oh, God, NO!"
No God, for culture has sewn it over,
Losing all hope.

Scream, come blood, kick, scream, more blood.
Tickle sensation-askew
Excited sensual flow- cut off
Crimson house-warming of womanhood-Cursed

Touch me, where did the feeling go?
Wasted orgasms-muffled, stuffed of herbs.
Too much blood,
It begins to inhabit her tears.
Burning red streaming down her hairless lips.
Pain, Unreal.

So young, she has no idea this isn't supposed to hurt.
That marriage is nothing but a ripping burn,
Stealing this once beautiful portal of virginity.
It now may cease to exist-Completely useless.

Her screams of "Mother, why!?"
As her victim becomes completely diminished,
Not a single tear from that "mother -BITCH.
How could the once victimized 
Continue to practice this death mess?
-Benighted sons of a bitch.