Gorgeous Windows

Kelsey Amell
I prowl in his veins, only hurting myself.
What if I had a guy-?
While you had all that shit on the side?
When I make you cry, 
I wish I were her.

To prowl in her veins, only hurting himself.
But she had all that shit on the side,
Hidden, he never had to cry.
Only to fathom her sly,
Fictitious, engaging alibi.
Oh, he's "so sorry"

Cleave is guilt-
Blood splashing through my lips,
Oh, how I left it spilling-
The crimson quilt I have woven of loss and regret.
He will live with this, 
Now sipping every detail of life through a straw,
While he lies beneath it.
"I need only you"- as his frozen core begins to thaw.
Through these gorgeous windows-
I appear so delicately raw.