Trolls in My Closet

Kelsey Amell
Prancing upon unbroken glass, lovely,
Risk only at any last breath.
Look down, distorted, mesmerizing, cheated seclusion,
Not realizing such mess would come from 
Floating innocently above in my fortress.
-Second leading cause of death-

Falling, I am forsaken.
I press my face with such exigent pressure
Upon the glass-Slashing, I fell hard.
Opening my eyes comes gush.
I can't look away, stop,
Though I can't stand the pain.
I am not insane-It's overrated-Yet far too vague.
Comfort is a cold, soaked, stained cloth.
Like me- to bleed, wash away, yet stains stay internal.
Poison my brain.

I'm caught beneath shattered glass-
This lingering, dangerous mass,
From which grows understanding?
"Feel Good" lines of white create
Crimson lines of loss and lack.
Tattoo my arms show no class,
Cast good with black, how could I love anything?
Only causes flash, begging me back.

Get pissed; dart up the stairs,
Passing hours alone.
With my little creatures, hours getting stoned.
Actions mom shall never, ever condone.
No idea what has come, what's going on,
All her fault, I become faithless.
I climb the burning rope, I no longer exist.
The war is over- I survived.
Trouble promising myself, 
"I wasn't ready to die"