My Body Part 1

EmmaKarin Eriksson
The water is too hot. 
But I dont really mind it all that much. 
I close my eyes and stand under the stream of steamy water. 
God its fucking hot. 
I picked up my pink venus "female" razor, and took away what mother nature gave me for protection. 
Start with my armpits. 
Then my cunt. 
I shaved it a few weeks ago, so it still has this weird stubbly shit on it. 
God its like shaving sandpaper. 
Then shave my legs. 
I get really lazy, so theres huge patches of long hair all over. 
I dont really care anymore, I sort of just want to get out of the shower. 
Remember when bathtime was fun? 
Well now its work. 
Theres no more playing sea captain or mermaids. 
Its get in shave, scrub, wash, clean, mosturize, define, tone, work work work work work. 
The bathroom is filled with steam. 
I grab a towel and wrap it around my body. 
I shiver and I can feel the hair on my legs growing back already. 
Rush into my room and put on some music. 
Start to dry off then mosturize. 
Put some lotion on my cunt, because I have razor burn all over it. 
Mother Nature is mocking me. 
Fucking bitch. 
Pull out a pair of light blue cotton underwear, 
I think they are my sister's, oh well. 
I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
God my thighs are huge. 
And my stomach.. what the hell is that? 
A buldge? 
its like a little hill.. 
not even.. its just fucking annoying. 
I turn around and examin myself. 
My arms are really skinny. 
Bend over. 
I hate my ass... or lack there of. 
Why is my skin doing that? 
Rolling over and folding. 
I'm not fat. 
I'm 100lbs! 
Thats not fat! 
I shouldnt have to deal with this shit. 
My breasts are nice. 
I touch my breasts. 
Perfect size. 
I jump up and down. 
Still perky. 
My neck is really beautiful. 
My face. 
This face doesnt belong to this body. 
It belongs to my thighs.. to my ass... to my sand paper cunt. 
It should be cut off and replaced. 
I turn away from the mirror. 
Well.. I have nice breasts. 
And if it werent for my thighs my legs are pretty nice. 
What the hell, I'm so unproportional. 
My head looks HUGE. 
Maybe its the mirror. 
My arms are really beautiful. 
Like birds. 
I dont have arms. 
I have fucking wings. 
So they might be skinny. 
But they can lift, they can caress. 
Fuck it. 
My ARMS are beautiful. 
My legs... 
I still hate my thighs... 
Look at them, all scarred and weird looking. 
I do some turns and bends. 
Lift up my legs. 
I'm a ballerina. 
I'm a fighter. 
My legs can dance or kick your ass. 
My chest? 
Well I never had a quarrel with my breasts. 
They arnt the problem. 
Its this.. thing.. my stomach. 
Its beautiful up to a point. 
Where it "bulges", fucking why. 
I poke it, suck in, stick out, stretch, turn.. its always there. 
I'll never be a porn star with this "bulge" shit. 
I reach over and touch my toes. 
I hate my skin. 
Always breaking out. 
Or bleeding. 
Or itching. 
Or folding. 
It folds weird. 
Makes me look like I'm fat, and weird. 
Fucking bulgy-foldy-sandpaper-too-fat-looking-body. 
But its really soft, I have really soft skin. 
And I like being tall and slender. 
Even if somethings are wrong. 
I'll always be tall, slender, and blonde.. 
Thanks dad. 
I look myself over once more and go to pick out a shirt. 
But I dont put it on. 
I spend the rest of my night... 
in light blue cotton underwear.. 
looking at my beautiful breasts...
and my fat fucking thighs.