Tobacco Kisses

EmmaKarin Eriksson
I have to go home she says.
I know, but just a little longer.
There’s no way in hell my mother will believe,
That we got stuck in traffic again
I know, but I just want to hold you a little more
Believe me, the feeling is mutual
But I can’t push my luck anymore.
You know.
I know.
There’s silent upset in our motions.
Seatbelts click and engines warm
As we sit frozen in the quiet of the nighttime.
Cascaded in winters wonderment 
Lighting up our complimentary cigarettes
We inhale, exhale and ash our the broken windows
She lay back in the seat
Cradling a headache
Trying to hard to keep it in
Remembering all the moments she would miss
Once you took the highway home
Her gray eyes scanned the skies
She searched for stars, but only found planes
No wishes for longer minutes
Or stolen stoplight kisses
Her head on my shoulder
She sighed as she spoke
I don’t want you to go
I know
I know
Huddled and cold we hum to ourselves and make unsaid pledges of honor
We know the weeks will be long
We know the weeks will be lonely
But we can hug pillows and smell our sweaters
To remind us of who we need
My drive home will be hard
And your bed will be empty
Fourteen days ain’t so bad
In the long run…