The MAD Pt.2 "Chaser"

Kelsey Amell
I'm unable to forget this past.
Everything left to shimmer has faded.
Uneasy reminders form these shadows to cast.
With a small child's anticipation,
the hairlines of my cranium are misplaced-
splitting the soft tissue.
I've created a wave, bursting open the portals
parting as the Red Sea.
This teases my needs of acceptance
trapping anything thrown through.

As he slams down that blackberry rum
the veins pop through the skin of his face,
a boiling red.
Red, as my neck will soon become,
just give it time.
Screaming- Always of how I know nothing
making his position of make-shift father.
Try to own me.

Wonder why I run?
Always waking up in a trippy place
I notice it's a cycle,
Turning to the bottle for a feel of leverage-
Paying self-indulging visits to strange dealers-
Wondering why I know all these garbage heads one by one, knocked out on the floor. But always, I know why.
"what the hell?"
I want to snap out of it.

Too numb to cry,
And never smile unless I'm high.