Kelsey Amell
All of this is so unhealthy, so wrong.
Still, I continue to strike through the judging crowds
whistling away my love song.
 We've both known this for so long
how we've needed each other
How i know my ignorance has taken over.

So hard to believe
The part I've been pacing about-
Metamorphic film of all this becoming
Begins to shrivel, melt, destruct.
Descends, falling far from the realm.

I see him as someone I can't forget
All at once I try not to regret.
Why should "us" be so tough to battle?
While he was chugging every bit of me away.
His mindless speech reverberates.
The shake of a newborn's smashing rattle
The crash into my lobes as burning rays.
The bottles may smash
But the smell and behavior remain.