Kelsey Amell
They say the sky is the limit, and I'm too far from it.
I've had too much fun just trying to live
Despite them telling me what to believe.
They try to make me bleed, 
As white streams is all they release from me like throwing kisses from the sky,
Those shooting gleams stream.
That someone has to be out there somewhere
missing me everytime as the heave their spears-
Screaming at me to never stop believing, chasing fools, and  doing what I do.
My happiness is doling out vitamin water to the homeless
Purchasing cage-free eggs as others think the comfort of chickens is unimportant.
How dare you wish the death upon an immigrant?
The fact that tabacco will kill you and weed won't,
irks me.
So why is our source of natural, untouched hash illegal?
Society asked for this-
For 12 year old to be stashin it in their backpacks.
For police to kick down doors,
holding up our innocent.
The doors of whom would be packing that plant.
Our 18 year olds out there-
Performing massacre and being shot down with no arrest,
posessing the freedom to kill themselves with cigarettes.
You can find them waltz in to a gun shop
just ready to pull that Glock.
Think they have it made?
Not when they can't even walk into a bar,
have a beer or two,
without hitching a ride in the back of a cop car.
So two men fell in love.
Sounds good to me, then comes government-
Had to butt in their big fat noses.
They are happy as hell together
But where are the rights?
So what if the boys want to wear tights.
Nobody has the right to call those girls dykes.
Imagine being the target of local hate strikes.
Health Benefits-
Inheritance control-
They say NO "they're not like us"
The best T-shirts.
The ones that scream indecency,
Also the best to get you sent home from school.
All because the contain "materials".
If we love wandering naked, 
who are they to cover us?
If you don't like my damn profanity
stay the fuck out of my conversation.
Media doesn't cause violence,
Violence inluences the media.
The world is over when mom has no money left- for a lollipop.
Makes me sick, are those women sporting the blinging rocks
when all along the less fortunate can't pay for a doctor to fix their broken jaw,
a face smashed by law.
The homeless-
They may stink and be seen as useless.
You may have no sympathy.
But sometimes it's out of their control
when they have no place to go .
Right or wrong, 
they are doomed in this place we can call home.
I feel sorry for those who judge, the people not like me.
Just remember, karma is a slut, she fucks everybody.
On the corner with a bag of dope,
Broadway and 5th.
He is rather familiar, but will he sell it?
All for his family, can he feed it?
Pushing drugs
Putting his life on the line
Placing his pride on hold
Pressing his luck
Panning out this everyday struggle
Pulling the trigger.
He would have never tasted this life....the way things were. The way things could have been.
Broken down and busted out. 
On the edge of Broadway and 5th,
needle laced with HIV
Is there really any hope left?