Compton Chauncey
again i awake with a bad taste, im trying too hard to fake a fate i cant seem to create.
my hunger is vague, know not what it takes just that you wont fix my distaste.

the more i write the more you're reich is just a name in my obituary
the more you fight the screams you hear at night are just a page in my biography.
for on your knees is from where you must look at me
im bigger than your sense of security a fiend a freak walking over the rotting rattling bones of your infidelity.
no longer scared of your cares or gangster flare
as you just sit there impaired.
these thought of past presents a grasp, a gash, a gasp a wrist turned black
and all the time ive spent tonight has been on this attack
love for no reason above im decieving,
not even believing what ive been seeing. all out of steam your no longer my queen poison in my stream of lifes awesome thing creating disease to bring me to see youre just not with me your with a phantom band of thieves.
keep stealing my life, from what i wont knife, from my own inner plight, served up to your light, like a lost idols right, to bask in my fright, of losing a sight, of you in my life,
i cant even see your face in front of me, plausible relief downtrodden apathy, destroy scorned fatality
soundly beaten feelin like screamin. politeness? youre dreaming. this feelin bleedin in me is a demon trying to get free.
seems easy kinda free, but alas youre trapped by your own uncertainty. cant see in
cant see past being measured by my personality. fuck frolicking frequently faithfully for fake finales

now i read your fortune of death
a lifetime shortened by my intent
i see you falling to the depths
the oracle remains to collect the rent