Flies Inside

Compton Chauncey
the screeching sound steel makes. chest torn in twain drape black flags American face. shame is ashamed of gluttony's range. the whole brain is a stage for chemicals to play.
melodies memories masquerading felonies. cap flat rescheduling, ahead of sense is fine with me. i see evil things chasing me down the street and im to achieve your notoriety?
 i don't chew i devour,  death scream in the shower piss in your flowers, and fornicate with your daughters, seventeens seen scenes pretty thing, now its needled out beat down and trussed up like a drag queen
  pervert me ahead fried in regret, i was getting some head found flies inside her alive instead, angry looked down and punched sappy to death, its a grand decent to the depths of hell in my rickety sled. we'll all close our eyes, justified in lies but you're calling it pretend.
there's no way you can stay in place with this fucking pillow over your face, breathing flames a swine flu rage, despite being caged its super strange to dig up from the grave, here comes pain, enraged estranged silver sleeved bullets will play, at your fathers parade,

cuz' I'm a ten foot tall.. bulletproof motherfucker
gonna get you.. in the ground motherfucker