Kelsey Amell
They say one's emotions "run wild".
So why is it so hard to chase the unwanted and negative ones away?
I'm the only girl in your world.
So why do i have to bug out 
whenever you talk to and about the chicks before me?
Am i really not the only one?
You swear that I am.
Despite, my emotions always tend to tweek
and I'm left with nothing "acceptable" to say.
Like I'm the only one on mute, screaming horribly as you listen to everything else but me.

No matter what I want to dream with you and me,
Images run around in my head
that when you touch my face, you are thinking about seeing hers.
And carressing her cheek.

Those pictures of your past burn images in my mind-
I'm not as good as them.
You are wasting your time.
You just don't love me.

The cause of every close-call fight.
When I am not home,
do you feel alone and go back to that you totally regret falling in love with me.....
to when with her, you weren't "miserable"?