Kelsey Amell
A promise.
That you promised ME.
That you gave to ME.
I NEVER once opened that latch.
I NEVER once let it go free.

After so many months,
NOW you want it back?
And now that "promise"
means less to me
than EVER.

After all this time with your BACK to me
for hours ....and.....hours.
Now I REALLY know where your mind wonders.
FUCK YOU when you say this promise is "ours"
Can anything have nothing to do with HHHEEERRRR!?

Can I ever just be in love with someone in my life EVER that is just MINE? 
I mean isn't that normal?
Can I have a relationship with a man I don't have to share?

FUCK YOU bitch you had your chance.
he is MINE.