Deaf Mute

Kelsey Amell
Bitter you, heart as cold as your stubbled cheek.
I feel the chill against the tip of my nose,
and i turn into a fever.
The sweat begins to gravitate.
My eyes dripping from the sting, they slam closed.
I can smell the dirty follicle and stale shampoo scent
dancing around your ear.
Tilting my head back, my nose is excused
as my chin is united with your chilled jawline.

Gazing up, i lose myself in a cringe.
How have i let my heart go amongst my jealous binge?
Still staring, I find myself beneath a spotlight, ablaze.
I'm standing alone at the center of the ring, 
fighting faithfully, defending what's mine.
You lounge back in the only seat
amongst a sea of absolute darkness and silence.
Eyes exploding with static light, projecting "deceit".
The rays travel through the heavy air,
appearing on my  face.

Knowing his scam has left me blind,
it's just another way for this coward to hide.
He basks in his childish glory without a  care,
as I'm left insisting this love isn't a lie.

The spotlight slowly dims away.
My lips continue to linger around your ear,
leaving little space.
My chin gives way as it thaws from your face.
You must have heard my painful screams,
though nothing changes as you turn to me.
You dare say, " Did you hear something?"