Why I climb

Thomas Schwartz
An age past, a monkey long removed from my family tree
Steps down from tree and stand upright to see over tall grass
For the monkey, I climb the trees.

An age that towers higher above than trees and takes 
steps to progress the humankind merely standing on shoulders
for the monkey stood first is now crushed under us.

An age when the hugest hominids hunkered around on all fours talking 
steps with four feet, lumbering towards the smell of female, it was
for the monkey that was small, that made a population stand on two feet.

An age when the small males were alone forced to take
steps outside the group 
for the monkeys, size meant survival

An age long past when survial of species depended on ability to take small
steps towards using her resources, but for dinosaur, 
Excess Equaled Extinction
For the monkey that adapted nature to his self, I climb like he didn't.