Fish Dance

Thomas Schwartz
The controlled bounce 
of the stick 
off the head.

Beats Rhythms I
cannot describe with words
I get worked up trying to.
Proof, there is something more out there for us than conversation.
Something still left for us to discover.

So we値l get these rhythms together and I値l take
one step back before we take two forward 
too forward? Sorry, I値l take one step back and let you catch up
it will look like I知 stumbling but I知 really dancing

The easiest way for bodies to dance is to fit,
back to front, a magnetic two person conga line
another way for bodies to dance is to hold only the fingertips and the eyes

Dances used to be difficult,
different people danced different dances 
they made sure they danced nothing like 
those other people, they dance like lunatics
lunatics dance over the moon.
Now we all dance like children if at all.
Gone are the extravagant thread weaving 
dances around the maypole, and box social behavior
Gone are the attention spans and small communities to learn such 
extraneous movement, and a tax on the mind too.

But Us,
You and Me can Dance however we want