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LOCAL MUSIC SHOWCASE :: This Weekend :: Jamestown, NY
Posted September 05, 2008
LOCAL MUSIC SHOWCASE :: This Weekend :: Jamestown, NY
Our favorite local media outlets, The Chautauqua Region Word,and Chautauqua A.M.P. are throwing their annual benefit for the Infinity Performing Arts Program, in Downtown Jamestown, NY. The Infinity Program gives instruments, practice/performance space, and music lessons to kids who aren't getting enough music in their schools.

The Local Music Showcase will feature over 50 bands in every possible venue in town all day on Saturday, and the Chautauqua County Music Awards on Sunday.

There is a small AAAlliance show consisting of music-inspired works from Angela Caley, Bill Thomas, and Casey Brink currently hanging in The Reg Studio on 3rd st., which will be one of the main music venues for Saturday Evening. There is also visual work from Bill T hanging at Labyrinth Press Co., as well.

Man-of the Hour, Christopher Bell, will be playing his homecoming show at Townhouse Records at 7 pm Saturday.


3rd annual SLYfest :: Fredonia, NY
Posted September 03, 2008
3rd annual SLYfest :: Fredonia, NY
This weekend at the Sly Farm on Berry Rd, Fredonia-based band On the Sly will be hosting their annual Arts and Music Festival on 30 acres on land in beautiful rural Western NY. This festival will feature bands from all over NY State, and beyond, including our friends Sleeping Giant, and Heady Lemar.

In additon to our AAAlliance Gallery Tent, several other visual artists will be on hand to show their work and beautify the festival grounds.

Tickets are $40 at the gate, which includes camping for the whole weekend.

Summer is still going strong, but there's only a limited number of beautiful weekends left.
Don't miss out on this one.


Thank You!
Posted September 01, 2008
The Summer Celebration was once again a success, and we had perfect weather all day. All of the bands and artists were awesome to work with, and the after-party at Mojo's was a blast. Photos will be posted in the events area, or on our Myspace soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported, but especially: Graham and Mason at, Mike Salamone at the C.R.Word, the Buildings and Grounds Dept. of JCC, Baxter, Rhett, Nate, Gib, and Missy at Mojo's, Carol from The Silver Dollar, Nick Dean at the Post Journal, Everyone at the Local Radio Stations who helped us advertise the show, Jeff at Labyrinth Press Co, and Jonny Cobra at Townhouse Records. Cheers!


Posted August 30, 2008
JCC College Park on Curtis Street in Jamestown, NY
music from 1-9 pm with an after-party at Mojo's


THIS WEEKEND! :: Summer Celebration :: Jtown, NY
Posted August 28, 2008
THIS WEEKEND! :: Summer Celebration :: Jtown, NY
Saturday, August 30 from 2-9 pm, we'll be having another FREE, ALL AGES group showcase at JCC College Park in Jamestown, NY. This party will once again feature live music from our friends
Sleeping Giant
Cindy Haight
King Rail
Tara Lamont
The Secret Stash
(who are in the process of changing their name to
"The Pennsyltucky Peach Pickers")
and a badass new WNY instrumental metal band
Lord Baltimore

new visual work will be on display from :
David Grice
Angela Caley
Bill Thomas
Kim Babnik

and several others


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