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"This Must Be The Place" :: April Fools Day :: JTNY
Posted March 25, 2011

AAAlliance Co-Founders and old friends Angela Caley and Tony Depew are having their first painting show together, entitled "This Must Be The Place", in the newly christened 3rd on 3rd Gallery in Downtown Jamestown. The two artists met in high school in Canton, Ohio during the late 90's, and later they separately chose to each leave Ohio for very different parts of New York State.

Tony Depew studied painting and studio arts at Kent State before leaving the mid-west for the bright lights of NYC around 2004. He has been living in Brooklyn for the past 5-6 years, working as an assistant for several high-profile artists, while continuing to create his own small scale, highly stylized, brightly colored canvasses, and occasionally designing and customizing vinyl toys or various consumer goods.

Angela Caley studied Painting and Jewelry Design at CCAD in Columbus, before dropping out in late 2000 to travel the country in a uhaul truck on Phish Tour. Some time in 2002, she landed in Chautauqua County and resumed her "official" education, enrolling in JCC as a Fine Arts Major. The Spring of 2004 saw her and David Grice have their first painting show together at the Wright Gallery, in Downtown Jamestown. That fall, she moved to Adirondacks and began working year-round as an arborist or "lumber-jill", climbing and cutting and dragging trees, even during the frigid mountain winters.

Tony's move to NYC, and Angela's move to the ADK's in the Fall of 2004 both co-incided with the very beginnings of the Active Artists Alliance, when several Artists and Designers friends decided to create a network to promote each others' projects while everyone was away at school or traveling or persuing carreers, or doing whatever creative people do.