Art of the Anew :: Domestic Violence Awareness Art Show :: JTNY

September 22, 2011

The Salvation Army Anew Center, Chautauqua County's domestic violence and rape crisis service provider, is hosting its first art exhibition during Domestic Violence Awareness Month! In "Art of the Anew: Domestic Violence Awareness Through Creative Art" the goal is to create stories surrounding gender-based violence and how it affects individuals, families, communities, and our world. Let's come together and instigate community wide discussions about the pervasiveness and often invisible nature of domestic violence through creative art. 

All artistic media is accepted and must be submitted by October 10th. For more information, Contact Event Organizer Vanessa Weinert for more information. This event is one of awareness; however, artists may sell their pieces with a small percentage of the proceeds going to The Salvation Army Anew Center.

There will be an opening reception Friday October 14th at the Lillian V. Ney Rennaissance Center in Downtown Jamestown. Several AAAlliance Member Artists will be particpipating in this show.

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