Part II of BT's Ramblings About 2018 and the Near Future.

January 15, 2018

Instead of letting ourselves get distracted by my previous post about what we could have done better in the last few years, lets talk instead about how we're going to do a better job in the new year. First of all, we plan on continuing to do the Third Thursday Concert Series in Downtown Jamestown and we definitely plan on doing our Spring Showcase Cookout at JCC Park / 100 acre lot as well. For those of you keeping track, this year will be the 7th Anniversary of the Third Thursday Series, and the 13th Anniversary of the JCC Park Showcase Party. Right now we're building the core group of people and the coalition of local business sponsors who can help us grow our booking and promotion cababilities for the live music side of these events.

We will definitely also be bringing back the "All Decks on Hand" skate deck art show in 2018, but beyond these "regular" annual events that we've been doing for the past few years, I personally would like to see us renew our focus on the visual arts, and on organizing group art showcase events in new spaces and venues and new cities. Something similar to the "Art Exchange" Shows we did in Jamestown and Pittsburgh in 2013 would be great to do again, with a group of artists showing their work together in several cities, like a mini tour. We have AAAlliance members all over the east coast. Who wants to help make this happen? Holler at us.

Another part of the new and improved plan for 2018 is for this blog to be updated much more frequently, by yours truly, and with more transparency into the planning and decision making processes. More stuff coming soon.

Stay Tuned

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